Delvar Afzar Kish Oil Company

Delvar Afzar Kish Oil Company

Delvar Afzar Kish Oil Company

Delvar Afzar Kish Oil Company is an efficient, economic and specialist company which is seeking to stabilizing its global position in upstream, downstream, and auxiliary oil and gas industries and having a share in the national wealth. Naft Bonyan Pazhohane Kish is trying to obtain a decent global position in the field of exploration, excavation, well completion, reservoirs, enhanced oil recovery, operation, and production in upstream and downstream oil and gas industries and having a share in the national wealth production.

1. Services related to Well Excavation and Completion:

Possessing the expert human resources, having access to up-to-date technical knowledge and being in possession of the latest modern equipment, Delvar Afzar Kish Oil Company is seeking a leading position in the upstream oil and gas industry of Iran. In line with the strategic goals of the company (meeting the employers' full satisfaction), this group has studied and analyzed the market and assessed the international opportunities and started its activities in order to participate in the international market while cooperating with qualified companies to provide excavation and goods supply services. Our category and main activity is in the field of providing excavation and well services including the following items. In line with these goals, this company is ready to provide the following services by a managerial and executive team which comprises of the most experienced and educated personnel of the oil industry in association with its foreign and local partners:

Jacking the casing pipe and tubing, cementing, acid treating, providing well safety services (H2S), coil tubing services, wire line services, fishing services, providing comprehensive logging services, providing full services and supplying well completion experts, drilling mud sampling services, oil well testing, providing full services and supplying drilling rig experts, providing integrated drilling services, supplying earth borers, supplying well head and down-hole apparatus, managing and carrying out offshore and onshore excavation projects in the form of engineering and goods supply.

2. Supply of Goods and Parts

In the field of supply of goods in oil, gas and petrochemical industries, Delvar Afzar Kish Oil Company has been honored to take not a very big but effective step toward development of this industry and is trying to achieve its dear customer's satisfaction and be at the service of the Iranian holding and infrastructural industries.

Having experienced and qualified personnel, this company announces its complete readiness to cooperate with the companies which are active in the industries of excavation, well completion, and process parts (compressor, turbine, pump, industrial valve, heat exchanger, flange, chemicals, etc) in the field of supply of goods and parts.

3. Technical & Engineering Services and Supply of Expert Manpower

Taking advantage of the reliable technical and engineering capability in the field of engineering and directing excavation works, geology, maintenance and completion of oil and gas wells, operation and processing and relying on the technical knowledge and valuable experience of its key personnel and expert team which have been achieved through many years of constant and useful activity in the oil and gas fields throughout Iran, Delvar Afzar Kish Oil Company is prepared to provide the expert and efficient manpower and technical and engineering services required by the employers in the department of geology, industry of excavation, maintenance and completion of oil and gas wells, operation and processing in the shortest time possible.

4. The Engineering & Research Project of Hydrocarbon Reservoirs

The engineering and research project of hydrocarbon reservoirs of Delvar Afzar Kish Oil Company is aimed at studying the effective issues and factors which control the pattern of production, operation and production management of reservoirs. The main activities of this group is in the condensate gas reservoirs are focused as follows: assessing, investigating and providing optimum methods for operation and production, enhanced oil recovery and production management of condensate gas reservoirs, investigating and providing the proper excavation method in condensate gas reservoirs and also designing the casing string and optimum perforation of wells and performing solvent injection tests to prevent from or postpone the formation of condensations.

5. Training:

Delvar Afzar Kish Oil Company believes that specialized and proper training plays an important role in the success of the experts and the company for which they work.
In line with its policy in relation to promotion of the technical knowledge of the directors and experts in the Iranian oil, gas and petrochemical industries, this company holds comprehensive specialized courses by benefitting from the most reputable professors in the industry and academic area. Benefitting from experienced academic professors and well-known experts of the oil, gas and petrochemical industries results in transfer of the academic knowledge to the participants in addition to scientific experience and real-life cases related to the Iranian oil industry.