The Projects

Delvar Afzar Industrial Group carries out numerous engineering projects and renders services in all parts of Iran. The projects itemized based on the affiliated companies are as follows:

Fajr Project

In order to produce gaseous and liquid oxygen and nitrogen for Fajr Petrochemical Company for construction of two ASUs and feed of the petrochemical units of Mahshahr Special Economic Zone

Ilam Project

This project includes manufacturing of 16 pressure hydrogen storage tanks to be installed in the Olefin Unit of Ilam Petrochemical Company.

LNG Project

The experience of Delvar Afzar Industrial Group in the field of cryogenics has led it to enter the area of design, construction and execution of LNG units in Iran.

Lordegan Project

The subject of Lordegan project includes construction of urea and ammonia units of Lordegan Petrochemical Complex located in the city of Lordegan in Chahar Mahal and Bakhtiari Province.

Takht Jamshid Project

Entering the area of petrochemical projects, Delvar Afzar Civil Engineering Development Company is carrying out the above project by concluding a contract with Takht Jamshid Petrochemical Industries Company located in Mahshahr Special Economic Zone.

Construction of an Oxygen Production Plant for Khuzestan Steel Company

Carrying out the engineering, supply of equipment, construction, installation, implementation, commissioning and operation of the ASU and production of oxygen and nitrogen.

Distribution of Industrial Gases in All Geographical Regions of Iran

Having an advanced European transportation fleet and tankers, Delvar Afzar Industrial Gases Distribution Company distributes industrial gases in all regions and provinces of Iran.

Khuzestan Steel Complex Project

This project is related to purchase of the monthly volume of 324,000 Nm3 of gaseous or liquid argon and purchase of 633,000,000 Nm3/h of gaseous oxygen with the purity of 99.6%.

Machine Sazi Arak Company

  • Liquid Argon
  • Liquid Oxygen

Parsian Part Pasargad Project

The contract for purchase of the daily volume of up to 600 tons of liquid oxygen with the purity of 99.8%.

Project of National Steel Industries Group of Iran

The project of National Steel Industries Group of Iran is related to purchase of nitrogen and oxygen with the purity of 99.999%.

South Oil Regions Project

The subject of the south oil regions includes purchase of liquid nitrogen for injection in oil and gas wells of National Iranian South Oil Company.

The Project for Construction of a Residential Complex

Delvar Afzar Structure Development Company has taken action to construct a residential complex in the form of a 26-floor tower consisting of 147 residential units in the west of Tehran.

Abadan Oil Refinery Project

Design, manufacturing and installation of the system for transfer and storage of liquid nitrogen.